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DFRWS 2002 took place at Syracuse University, New York.


  • Eoghan Casey: Confronting Encryption in Computer Investigations: Practical Lessons paper
  • Warren Harrison: A Lessons Learned Repository for Computer Forensics slides paper
  • James Lyle: NIST CFTT: Testing Disk Imaging Tools slides paper
  • Michael Duren: Can Digital Evidence Endure the Test of Time? slides paper
  • Brian D. Carrier: Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tools slides paper
  • Frank Adelstein: The Mobile Forensic Platform paper
  • Dario Forte: Analyzing the Difficulties in Backtracking the Onion Router’s Traffic paper
  • Jesse Kornblum: First Responders Evidence Disk paper
  • Lt. Jacob Jackson: Steganalysis with a Computational Immune System: A Proposal slides paper
  • Olivier De vel: Language and Gender Analysis of E-Mail Authorship for Computer Forensics slides paper
  • Kulesh Shanmugasundaram: Automatic Reassembly of Document Fragments via Data Compression slides
  • Srinivas Mukkamala: Audit Data Reduction Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines slides paper

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