DFRWS 2004 took place in Baltimore, Maryland.


  • Mark Pollitt: A Framework for Digital Forensic Science slides
  • Florence Tushabe: The Enhanced Digital Investigation Process Model slides
  • Brian Carrier: A Hierarchical, Objectives-Based Framework for the Digital Investigations Process
  • Ren Wei: A Framework of Distributed Agent-based Network Forensics System
  • Lance Spitzner: Honeynets and Digital Forensics
  • Edward Balas: Honeynet Data Analysis: A technique for correlating sebek and network data
  • Dr. Heather Dussault: The Role of Digital Forensics in Cyber Command and Control
  • John Lowry: Adversary Modeling to Develop Forensic Observables
  • Ian Bryant: Forensics for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
  • Paul Blythe and Jessica Fridrich: Secure Digital Camera
  • Mark Hirsh: Proposal to Formalize Test and Evaluation Activities Within the Forensic and Law Enforcement Communities
  • Lorenzo Martignoni: How to Reuse Knowledge about Forensic Investigations

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