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DFRWS 2006 took place in Lafayette, Indiana.


  • James Lyle: A Strategy for Testing Hardware Write Block Devices
  • Andreas Schuster: Searching for Processes and Threads in Microsoft Windows Memory Dumps
  • Nitin Khanna, Aravind Mikkilineni, Anthony Martone, Gazi Ali, George Chiu, Jan Allebach, Ed Delp: A Survey of Forensic Characterization Methods for Physical Devices
  • Ricci Sze-Chung Ieong: FORZA – Digital Forensics Investigation Framework That Incorporate Legal Issues
  • Ashley N. Brinson, Abigail Robinson: A Cyber Forensics Ontology: Creating a New Approach to Studying Cyber Forensics
  • Ryan Harris: Arriving at an Anti-forensics Consensus: Examining How to Define and Control the Anti-forensics Problem
  • Wouter Alink, Raoul Bhoedjang, Peter Boncz, Arjen de Vries: XIRAF - Ultimate Forensic Querying
  • Philip Turner: Selective and Intelligent Imaging using Digital Evidence Bags
  • Sangwon Lee, David Ayman, Bruce Gooch: Detecting False Captioning Using Common Sense Reasoning
  • Simson L. Garfinkel: Cross-Drive Analysis
  • Vassil Roussev, Timothy Bourg, Yixin Chen, Golden G Richard: md5bloom: Forensic Filesystem Hashing Revisited
  • Jesse Kornblum: Identifying Almost Identical Files Using Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing
  • Bradley Schatz, George Mohay, Andrew Clark: A Correlation Method for Establishing Provenance of Timestamps in Digital Evidence
  • Sundararaman Jeyaraman: An Empirical Study of Automatic Event Reconstruction Systems
  • Marcus Rogers, Kathryn Seigfried, Kirti Tidke: Self-reported Computer Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Analysis
  • Brian D. Carrier, Eugene H. Spafford: Categories of Digital Investigation Analysis Techniques Based On The Computer History Model

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