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Sabayon Forensics is a Linux distribution that was custom made from Sabayon Linux. It uses the XFCE desktop environment. It runs as a Live operating system from a USB flash drive or from a DVD drive. Use the USB flash drive or DVD to boot a computer and have a full complete desktop environment to work in. It can also be installed to a computer. Be sure to see the Getting Started page, Booting page, Examples page, FAQ page and Other Tools page.


It is geared for Law Enforcement to gain access to a suspects computer to scan and retrieve any and all information. It will allow you to do:

  • various virus scans
  • gain passwords – linux and windows
  • scan and view pictures
  • view and play video media files
  • access network
  • copy and save material
  • full internet access – ftp, browse, communication
  • crack zip passwords
  • various file searches
  • retrieve deleted material

Obtaining Sabayon ForensicsEdit


You can find other mirrors on the official sabayon mirrors page, just have to look in the daily folder to find the isos.

Brazil: Universidade Federal Do Paranà

Czech Republic:

Holland: NLUUG Open Systems, Open Standards

Hungary: Free Software Network Hungary

Italy Garr Consortium

Portugal: Rede das Novas Licenciaturas – Instituto Superior Técnico

USA: Mirror

USA: Ibiblio Official Mirror

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Getting Started Page

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Booting Page

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Examples Page

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FAQ Page

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Other Tools page

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